Dell Windows XP Retro Gaming Tower PC - Multi Game Battle Edition

Dell Windows XP Retro Gaming Tower PC - Multi Game Battle Edition
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Dell Windows XP Retro Gaming Tower PC - Multi Game Battle Edition Dell Windows XP Retro Gaming Tower PC - Multi Game Battle Edition Dell Windows XP Retro Gaming Tower PC - Multi Game Battle Edition

Intel Dual Core CPU @ 3gHz+ / 4gB DDR 3 Memory / 500gB Hard Drive / DVD / Front & Rear USB Ports /
Onboard LAN / Sound & VGA / HDMI / Nvidia GT 710 PCIE Graphics card

An original version of Command & Conquer Generals, Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Battlefield 1942, Sniper Art of Victory & Soldier Heroes of World War II are fully installed and the original games are included.

Installed with genuine Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3.

Please note: Although
no longer supported by Microsoft many legacy products and games still only work with Windows XP. These machines are fully installed and ready to work straight out of the box. There are a few light marks / scratches to the side panel(s) this does not effect the overall performanace of the PC in anyway it is purely cosmetic.XP compatible versions of Open Office, MalwareBytes and Opera Web Browser are installed. (Many websites no longer support Internet Explorer that ships with XP and Google Chrome / Firefox no longer install on XP)

This PC is aimed at the Windows / DOS Retro gamer and is not suitable for newer high spec PC games!

You will see form the image below that we have benchmarked several popular "Retro" games to give you an idea of the perfmance you can expect from these PC's.

It is important to remember that although you can expect a great "Retro" gaming experience running Windows XP more modern games are not going to be suitable. 

You will see from the results that using the onboard graphics card these PC's are able to handle most games from the 1990's upto 2003 with no problems.
Once you go past 2003 although most games will be fine some of the more demanding games like Far Cry and Crysis etc will be a struggle, especially with graphics settings turned up high.

With the additon of the Nvidia GT-710 these PC's will cope with games like Far Cry etc a lot easier and in higher resolutions too. You will also be able to take advantage of the 710's built in HDMI port although you should check to see if your TV / screen actually supports PC resolutions thorugh the HDMI port, a lot of HDMI TV's DO NOT. Many of the older games simply will not work in modern HDTV resolutions (720 / 1080), so don't expect them to do so!

It is also important to note that many of the older games may originally of had bugs, patches needed or glitches, most of these original "quirks" will still be there! Where possible we will have updated games to the most stable released patch available, we have also played all of these games to make sure that they are working fine on your actual PC! The most common issue we come accross are when the PC's are not connected to actual PC monitors (such as HDTV's) or they not being run in a standard PC resolution such as 1024 x 768 or 1600 x 1200 for example. 

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